Hardware Platforms

Hardware Platforms

Q. What are the hardware requirements for Sunlight on-premise?

The Sunlight on-premise product runs optimally on Intel architecture servers (Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC processors) with a minimum of 128GB RAM, all flash NVMe storage and Intel 10GBit NICs (X550 and X540 family). Find a list of recommended and certified platforms on Hardware Requirements.

Q. What are the hardware requirements for Sunlight on Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

The Sunlight platform can be deployed as a fully managed cluster on the AWS baremetal infrastructure. The recommended approach is to deploy your own instance of a Sunlight Infrastructure Manager dashboard with appropriately configured IAM policy. When configured with correct IAM properties you are then able to deploy and manage Sunlight clusters natively in AWS selecting from any of the Metal server type listed on Hardware requirements AWS.

Q. What are the hardware requirements for Sunlight at the edge?

The Sunlight Edge system platform is a version of the Sunlight cluster that is optimised to run on resource constrained edge computing environments. Targeting systems with memory up to a maximum of 128GB per server, single socket processor boards with reduced cores (maximum 16 physical cores) and lower density and resiliency storage drives, such as M.2 format NVMe. Sunlight edge systems can be deployed on Intel embedded processor boards such as Atom and Xeon-D boards. Find a list of recommended and certified platforms on Edge Hardware Requirements.

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