Q. What is the Sunlight Enterprise Software Platform?

The Sunlight Enterprise Software Platform is a fully hyper-converged infrastructure system optimised to provide high-performance IO for both networking and storage traffic to and from tenant virtual machines. The Sunlight Enterprise Software Platform is comprised of a lightweight virtualization hypervisor called the NexVisor, a distributed block storage volume management layer based on the mature Sunlight Integrated Storage technology; and a Sunlight cluster controller that runs as a tenant Virtual Service on top of one of the NexVisors.

Q. What are the high level logical components of Sunlight Platform?

All of the NexVisor nodes are centrally managed by a highly available service named virtxd, that tracks and controls nodes. The Sunlight controller is positioned above the infrastructure level and manages orchestration of common components such as Users and Roles, Virtual Server instances, Virtual Block Devices, Virtual Networks and OS templates. Each NexVisor node has access to a dedicated number of physical network interfaces, depending on the hardware platform over which a Software Defined Networking technology operates, in order to connect distributed virtual network interfaces into isolated subnets without any dependency on VLAN support from a switch. Every NexVisor node manages its own local Network, Storage controllers and attached Block devices. The storage drives are automatically clustered into a pool of storage infrastructure that can be partitioned into physical datastores with configurable redundancy and capacity properties. 

Q. How can i initiate a support case?

You will have to register to web portal and open a ticket with the right severity. An email will automatically generated and send to our Local partners, which  are responsible to provide 1st level support. 1st level support will provide the appropriate instructions and troubleshooting steps in order to resolve the issue by replying through Zoho Portal In case 1st level support not able to resolve the issue, will assign the ticket to 2nd level support.

Q. What information i must provide for support case?

In order to solve the support case, you must provide the the following information:
  • Login information such as UI username / password and Cluster Public IP/Dns name or Support Port in case of an internal IP.

  • Any error messages displayed.

  • Screenshots.

  • What are you trying to accomplish, over all?

  • What did you expect to happen?

  • What happened instead?

  • How repeatable is the problem? 

  • If everything used to work for some time, then the problem started appearing, do you know of any changes that were made? What else might have changed?

  • Are any messages, especially error messages, seen anywhere?

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